Pig Blood Found In Cigarettes
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April 2010

Professor Simon Chapman from the Department of Public Health at the University of Sydney has just come up with yet another reason why many people, especially Jews and Muslims shouldn’t smoke and that is because the cigarette filters could contain pig products.

Professor Chapman specifically spoke about research done in Holland which came up with 185 industrial uses for pig products including the use the hemoglobin of pig blood in the filters of some cigarette brands.

While the amounts of actual pig contained in these cigarette filters was pretty minimal, both Jews and Muslims would definitely like to know exactly what they were smoking and the fact that they were not informed would be extremely distressing to them. Professor Chapman said that religious organizations would find it "very offensive". He also said that vegetarian smokers would also object to the fact that there were animal products in their cigarettes.

Professor Chapman said that it had been confirmed that a cigarette brand on sale in Greece definitely used pig hemoglobin in its filters because it was effective in removing dangerous chemicals found in the smoke. He went on to say that while tobacco companies listed the contents of their cigarettes on web sites they did not list all of the chemicals and compounds actually used to make the cigarettes.

There are thousands of different chemicals involved in the process of manufacturing cigarettes many of which have shown to be cancer causing and harmful to health. The evidence that smoking causes cancer, heart disease and thousands of other illnesses is so overwhelming that it is almost pointless trying to defend cigarette smoking as a pleasant pastime.

If you are a Jew or a Muslim and you are a smoker you should maybe consider contacting the head office of the brand of cigarettes that you smoke and checking that they are not using pig products in the manufacturing process but in fact if you want to be even more sensible, and use your head why not just throw away your cigarettes and make a pledge never to smoke again!

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