CA Governor Signs Law to Protect Mountain Lions
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From In Defense of Animals (IDA)
September 2013

[Ed. Note: Read CA Police Develop New Policies After Cougar Killing]

mountain lion santa monica police

As a result of the public outcry that ensued after the unjustified and tragic shootings by wardens of an adult mountain lion and then later of two four-months old, merely 13-pound bobcat kittens, this landmark legislation is now in place to protect mountain lions in California.

This much-needed law prevents California Department of Fish and Wildlife wardens from killing lions that venture into populated areas unless they pose an urgent public safety threat. It also authorizes the department to work with rescue and other nongovernmental groups in capturing, tranquilizing or relocating the animals. This teamwork between the agency and local experts is exactly what IDA advocated after the tragic shooting of a young male mountain lion in Santa Monica CA, in May of last year.

Our heartfelt thanks to our friends at the Mountain Lion Foundation, who guided these efforts, to Senator Jerry Hill, who introduced this important legislation, and equally importantly, to all our CA supporters, who signed our alert and helped make this legislation to protect mountain lions a reality!

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