Raving silliness ascendant in Wisconsin politics
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By Rick Bogle, Primate Freedom
September 2013

The Republicans took control of Wisconsin a couple of election cycles ago, and one of the things they were quick to do was to install pro-hunting/trapping/fishing/gun nuts in decision-making positions in the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). An article this week in the Wisconsin State Journal that reported on the issue was surprising for its balance and its deviation from the paper's traditional ballyhooing of activities centered on hurting and killing animals. But then, it was written by the Associated Press, not someone with the WSJ. "Wis. GOP efforts to expand hunting irk opponents."

Wisconsin hunting deer
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The Capital Times, a Madison weekly, ran an editorial on the same topic written by local animal-advocate Charlie Talbert. It was titled "Why is taxpayer money being spent to promote hunting and trapping?"

But the reason I'm writing here about these articles is because of a response to Talbert's editorial that was just published. As a character sketch it provides a good idea of just who is being catered to by the DNR. Anyway, its raving silliness gave me a chuckle, its dark implications aside.

Nathan Weber: Yes, spend tax dollars to promote hunting and trapping.

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