Recipe For Servitude In The Circus by Linda Beane
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Linda Beane [email protected]
January 2001


1...Botswana, Africa
2...Pretoria, Africa
3...One Mother elephant, must have her beloved baby with her.
6...Metal Bullhooks: note-bullhooks must be extremely sharp
7...Heavy chains and chain cutters
8...Locks for chains
9...Docile adult elephant, spirit already broken
10.Transportation for shipping of enslaved, condemned baby elephant to circus

Go to Botswana, Africa. Capture at least one mother and her baby elephant. Entrap mother and separate her baby from her. Next secure baby with chains and or heavy ropes. Drag baby away from its Mother to vehicle for transporting to Pretoria, Africa. Upon arrival, take the baby elephant to warehouse and encage it. Deprive the baby elephant of food and water, until it is weak and dehydrated. Ignore its`cries of hunger and thirst until you are satisfied with the results. Next you begin tenderizing the baby through a gouging process. (Note: GOUGE- TO MAKE A HOLE OR GROOVE WHICH DRAWS "BLOOD" !!) "Gouge" their sensitive skin with the sharp bullhooks, repeating as necessary. This will take a few days of extended efforts for the full effect to be realized. When satisfied with the results and a job well done, move on to the next proceedure.

Chain the back leg of the baby elephant to the neck of an adult, docile elephant. It is important the baby elephant be in considerable pain and be suspended in various, unbearable contortions. This training should go on around the clock and last for many days or weeks. This is the last step in "recipe"and with patience you should have finally broken the baby elephants` spirit. Its`training is now complete and you can relax. and accept the usual CONGRATULATIONS.

Now it is time to ship your baby elephant to an awaiting circus. Here it will bring hours of "delight" to many human adults and their small children. Your hard work and hours of dedication will pay off well, not only in financial gains (always a plus) but in knowing you are also so EMPOWERED. The "scars" the elephant carries on its` body the rest of its`enslaved life will forever be "your signature" and proof your product is well made.

Repeat the above recipe as needed for your monetary gains and happy "cooking" to you!

The recipe comes directly from Africa and is truthful and accurate.
Written By: Linda Beane [email protected]
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