New York City Carriage Horse Rescued from Slaughter
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Friends of Animals
June 2010

A former NYC carriage horse was rescued from a slaughter auction in Pennsylvania on June 25th by advocates who have been pushing for a ban on the exploitative horse-drawn carriage industry for several years.

Friends of Animals, The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages, and Equine Advocates collaborated on rescuing the horse, who was discovered to be for sale at the notorious kill auctions which are the last stop before the slaughterhouse for horses who can no longer turn a profit for their owners. Tens of thousands of horses are trucked to Canada and Mexico and slaughtered every year.

Rescued Carriage Horse

According to records from the Department of Health, this horse, with the ID number of 2873 on his left front hoof, was listed as being owned by someone from the West Side Livery Stable, a privately owned carriage horse stable located at West 37th St, since at least 2005. The horse is now safe in his new home at the Equine Advocates horse sanctuary, in Chatham, NY, where he will live the rest of his life in freedom.

license number on hoof

“Having researched carriage horse records for many years, I have learned that about a third of the NYC carriage horses are eliminated from the Department of Health horse registry yearly, totaling approximately 70 horses,” stated Elizabeth Forel, president of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages. “The current law does not protect any of the horses from going to the kill auctions.”

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