House Drops Resolution in Support of Cockfighting
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B.J. Reyes on
March 2010

Resolutions that would have expressly stated the Hawaiian Legislature's support for cockfighting as a cultural activity are likely dead after lawmakers shelved both measures on the House floor today.

House Resolution 199 and House Concurrent Resolution 277 were recommitted to committee by voice vote, with no debate.

"Lots of people had strong concerns and objections to the bill and so, at the end of the day, we thought it might be a distraction to the bigger work we have to do," said House Majority Leader Blake Oshiro (D, Aiea-Halawa). "Absent some extraordinary maneuvers that I'm not aware of, it's dead."

The move came a day after the House Tourism, Culture and International Affairs Committee passed the resolutions after hearing testimony from dozens of cockfighting enthusiasts and animal welfare advocates.

Although the resolutions supported cockfighting because of its long history in Hawaii and among Filipino immigrants who say it is part of their culture, they would not have legalized the activity. Cockfighting is banned in all 50 states.

Animal rights advocates characterized cockfighting as a bloodsport with ties to illegal activity such as drugs and gambling.

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