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Greg Lawson, ACT (Animal Concerns Texas) Radio
January 2013
Here is why we will succeed...
Not necessarily because we have 'right' on our side. Probably not because people will come to their senses and realize that eating animals is resource intensive, is not sustainable, is a major cause of environmental destruction and climate change. No.
It's because we have all joined together in a fight against oppression that uses every available tool, from posting on social media to doing tv and radio shows to writing books, to organizing veg societies, health fairs, info tables, food giveaways. The movement towards rights for the beings with whom we share this planet has never been stronger.
The opposition has lots of money for tv commercials, propaganda to push their products of misery. We can't match their money, but we have something else. We have foresight, commitment, love and respect for the value of the lives involved, non-human and human. And we have joined together.
Many of our efforts center on reducing their profits, and our efforts have been and will continue to be successful. They need to squeeze every last drop of milk and blood from the beings they exploit in order to make a profit. If it weren't for government subsidies, if it weren't for the use of the entire animal from their skin for leather, to their fat for soap, to their unsavory parts for hot dogs, deli slices and pet food, there would be no money to be made.
We will succeed because we care about beings other than ourselves. We are motivated by compassion, not profit.
We will succeed because Revolution is Evolution.

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