The Mustang Conspiracy: British Petroleum and The Ruby Pipeline
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Dominique Landis
July 2010

This is beyond my expectations of the definition of corrupt; things are out of control. Big Oil and government corruption is rampant and in our face. The discovery of MMS and Big Oil in bed, literally, was not cleaned up in 2006. They just changed the players to distract the public. The public has been so complacent to not be continually outraged by what BP has done to our Gulf Coast and our NV communities, along with the other acts of environmental, economic and wildlife destruction. Killing our beautiful horses for pipelines, or for any reason, is the mind set of evil cattle ranchers and corporate oil munchers. 

The government has lied to us big time for a long time about their intentions. They led the public to believe that we are moving forward with clean energy programs and embracing alternative energy sources, and that they are concerned with natural habitats, wildlife and the environment. It has finally been exposed what the truth has been (and suspected to be) all along. We cannot live in denial any longer and allow our horses to be slaughtered for oil, or our oceans to be polluted, or our planet and fellow humans to be raped of our natural resources and our tax dollars.

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