Say "No" To Flesh Food
An Animal Rights Article from


Lance Landall

We don't like to be confined or caged, yet we confine and cage creatures for the sake of our appetite.

We don't like to suffer physically or emotionally, yet we cause creatures to suffer physically and emotionally for our own gratification.

We condemn cruelty, yet we indulge in one of the cruelest practices on earth, and happily partake of its fruitage.

We condemn violence, yet we turn a blind eye to the violence involved in the production of flesh-food.

We condemn murder, yet we take the life of creatures against their will.

We condemn human predators who stalk, trap, and attack their prey, yet we've classed stalking, trapping, and attacking creatures as a sport.

We condemn cannibalism, yet we indulge in what is effectively only one step away from such given that creatures live and breathe like us, also have a body and a face, and feel emotion and pain.

We condemn evil regimes and dictators who oppress and persecute, yet we exercise a selfish and unfair control over creatures that we subject to inhumane treatment.

We despise those who attempt to profit from the misfortunes of others, yet we happily eat, drink, and wear what comes from the misfortunes of animals whose misfortunes we're responsible for.

We condemn what was perpetrated via the Nazi concentration camps, yet we act in a way that's akin to what went on in such by holding creatures prisoner under dreadful conditions; cramming them into trucks and carting them off to slaughterhouses; exterminating them en mass; tossing them into both home and commercial ovens, using their skin and bones (and so on) for whatever, and even experimenting on them. As if that's not enough, we snatch calves from their mothers a few days after they're born, and keep the mother lactating.

We condemn greed, yet we plunder creatures recklessly, and gorge on them unnecessarily and overindulgently.

We condemn coldness and indifference, yet we display such when it comes to pursuing a flesh-food diet.

We condemn hypocrisy, yet we display such by example when we raise our children to respect life yet don't show respect for it ourselves by slitting, gutting, and quartering creatures that on the one hand we pamper and on the other hand kill. As if that's not enough, we take our children hunting; teach them how to kill too; and thereby create in them the same perverted addiction and pleasure.

We condemn the abusing of the environment, yet we turn a blind eye to the serious and widespread damage that flesh-food production does to the environment.

We condemn child abuse, yet before children are old enough to make an informed decision, we force flesh-food upon them telling them that it's good for them whilst depriving them of evidence to the contrary.

We preach love and compassion, yet we show neither when we kill and eat creatures simply to satisfy a conditioned appetite.

We promote human rights, yet we grant no rights to those creatures we're butchering and devouring.

We like to think that we're civilized, refined, enlightened, and on a higher plane, yet we indulge in a barbaric, unintelligent, destructive, and unhealthy practice -- the dismembered evidence macabrely hanging from hooks in shop windows, filling our fridges, freezers, and also staring at us from our glossy recipe books. Is it any wonder there's animal abuse?

We like to think that we're sophisticated, talented, creative, and discerning, yet we have taken grossness to new heights via our flesh-food culinary expertise which causes our corrupted palates to salivate in anticipation of roasted, boiled, stewed, grilled, or fried flesh-food (flesh and blood).

We know by the medical and scientific evidence that we're naturally herbivores, yet we insist on acting as if we're carnivores even though our system is not designed for flesh-food, hence the ill-health we can and do suffer from as a consequence.

We condemn double standards, yet who wants to do the killing, gutting, and quartering of creatures themselves? If all had to do it themselves, fleshfood consumption would drop drastically. Along with this, we condemn those who kill and eat their pet cat or dog, yet we don't necessarily blink an eye if someone kills and eats their pet lamb. Aren't they both creatures?

Lastly, we condemn bigotry, yet we ridicule vegetarians and vegans -- who, by the way, harm no one, seek to protect all forms of life, are scientifically and medically up with the play, and whose stance could save millions who're currently starving and dying -- that is, if the world planted crops rather than creating paddocks and building slaughter houses.

So, what's our problem?

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