Sealers to start killing in Canada - It's time to create an UPROAR
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April 2014

harp seals seal hunt
Sealer approaches harp seal pup.
Photo: Andrew Vaughan, Canadian Press

On April 14, sealers are expected to begin killing harp seal pups in the second phase of the 'hunt' - the Front. Sealers will navigate their fishing boats to the seal herds in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence and the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador with the help of the Canadian government's aerial surveys.

The first phase of the 'hunt' went well for the harp seals as no commercial sealers went out to kill harp seals. (Sealers were also permitted to kill grey seals, and they killed 47 of them.) Unfortunately, we don't expect the second phase to go as well.

Once again, the government has established a quota of 400,000 harp seals who can be killed. This figure is still meaningless, but it's difficult to know whether sealers will kill more or fewer than the over 90,000 defenseless seal pups they killed last year.

This will depend in part on how many pelts the buyers, including Hatem Yavuz, have agreed to buy. However, the history of the seal hunt is that it doesn't depend exclusively on demand since in previous years, sealers and the Norwegian seal skin processor, Carino, have stockpiled, burned and/or dumped unwanted seal skins.

You can show your outrage at this continued massacre by participating in the VIDEO UPROAR CONTEST. Use your creativity and create a video (or music video / song, digital art, animation, or traditional artwork, such as a mural) that we can spread around the world to educate and inspire people to fight for the seals.

baby harp seal

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