SHARK Quarterly Newsletter, July 2018
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SHARK SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness
July 2018

rescued pigeon
One of the many pigeons SHARK has rescued...

In the first six months of 2018, SHARK has scored a series of great victories for nonhumans! In the first part of this mailer, we'll focus in on SHARK's campaign against pigeon shoots, wherein birds are used as living targes and shot for fun. SHARK is the preeminent animal protction organization fighting pigeon shoots, and we have documented and shut down more pigeon shoos than anyone else in the nation.



  • Maryland Bans Pigeon Shoots
  • SHARK Exposes South Carolina Pigeon Shoot
  • SHARK Goes After an Alabama Pigeon Shoot - And Shuts It Down
  • SHARK vs. The Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club
  • SHARK Strikes Major Pennsylvania Pigeon Shoots
  • SHARK's Video of Rodeos in Quebec Demonstrate Conflict with Quebec's New Humane Law
  • SHARK Films Horse Killed at New Jersey Rodeo
  • Horse Killed at California Rodeo
  • SHARK Returns to USMARC (US Meat Animal Research Center)
  • SHARK's Drone Films Potential Dog Fighting and Cock Fighting Operations in Illinois
  • Wisconsin Pig Wrestling and Chicken Tossing Events Exposed

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