SHARK 2017 Year in Review
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SHARK SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness
December 2017

Once again, SHARK has proven that you can take on supposedly “impossible” campaigns, the ones that everyone else chooses to ignore, and score major victories for the animals.

While I am proud beyond words about the small, elite team that makes up SHARK, I never forget that it was only with your help that we were able to save so many lives.'

Please read and share this PDF: SHARK 2017 YEAR IN REVIEW for more details and images.

Highlights include:

  • SHARK forces U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe to Stop Holding Life Pigeon Shoots!
    Janet Enoch
    A SHARK investigator with a pigeon she rescued from Inhofe's 2016 pigeon shoot
  • Labor Day Pigeon Shoot Cancelled!
  • Cownose Rays Saved!
    cownose ray
    Brutal Cownose Ray killing contest was shut down
  • SHARK Fights (Alone) Against The Pennsylvania Pigeon Shoots
  • SHARK's New Drones Record Horrific Cruelty at a Pennsylvania Pigeon Shoot
  • SHARK Documents Two Big Canadian Rodeos
  • Maryland Pigeon Shoot Shut Down
  • SHARK Fights for Cormorants and Saves Lives
    This cormorant had been shot in the face during government-sponsored "culling"
  • SHARK Exposed Covance Research Products' Cruelty to Beagles
  • SHARK Exposed Horrific Cruelty to Newborn Lambs at U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC)
  • SHARK Undercover Video Exposed Brutal Shark Killing Contest in New Jersey
  • SHARK created to expose those who betray the animals we fight for
  • SHSHARK Showed how Coca-Cola and other corporations continue to sponsor rodeo cruelties

SHARK fights hard to save animals, but now we need your help if we are to continue our work. Please DONATE!

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