Shed a Light On a Global Tragedy - Pet Overpopulation
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International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR)
August 2010

August 21, 2010 marks ISAR's Nineteenth Annual Commemoration of International Homeless Animals' Day and Candlelight Vigil Observances.

Since 1992, the third Saturday in August has been reserved for ISAR's innovative educational vehicle known today as International Homeless Animals' Day. This Day was named to publicize the overwhelming scope of dog and cat overpopulation, to increase public awareness of the millions of dogs and cats killed in shelters annually for lack of good homes, and to educate the public about the crucial need for spaying and neutering to help end this tragic loss of life. Each year, animal-friendly organizations and concerned individuals band together and shed light on the pet overpopulation tragedy that spans the globe.

On August 21, 2010, ISAR will mark its nineteenth annual commemoration of International Homeless Animals' Day and Candlelight Vigil Observances. Events on International Homeless Animals' Day greatly contribute to ISAR's worldwide spay/neuter education efforts.

ISAR's International Homeless Animals' Day Observances are so successful, in fact, that countless shelter animals are spayed or neutered and find permanent loving homes.

Many International Homeless Animals' Day Events for August 2010, include adopt-a-thons, microchip and spay/neuter clinics, rescue pet parades, blessings of the animals, dog walks, fundraisers, doggie swims, contests, concerts, information stalls, open houses, special guest speakers and candlelight vigils.

This Saturday, more than 30 U.S. states and 10 foreign countries will participate in International Homeless Animals' Day 2010. The first animal rights lawyer in the United States and Chairman of ISAR, Professor Henry Mark Holzer, will be the special guest speaker at a candlelight vigil held by Desert Paws in Southern California, while the opposite coast will play host to ISAR Program Coordinator, Colleen Gedrich who will speak during a vigil held by The Queenie Foundation, Inc. on the importance of camaraderie to battle pet overpopulation in Connecticut.

ISAR's website hosts an up-to-date listing of International Homeless Animals' Day Observances taking place worldwide. ISAR will continually add confirmed events as they are made available to us. Please check back often.

If you find there is not an event listed in your area, ISAR invites you to light a virtual candle in our 9th Annual Online Vigil.

International Homeless Animals' Day is not only an opportunity to pay homage to creatures whose lives we have responsible dominion over, it is a chance to meet others who yearn for change -- animal rights activists, animal control officers, animal lovers and others.

ISAR also encourages the public to pay a visit to local shelters or rescue groups. International Homeless Animals' Day is a perfect opportunity to begin volunteering your time to walk shelter dogs, groom shelter cats, and spend time with the animals. Volunteers aid shelter personnel by bringing happiness to the animals and socially preparing them for their journey to loving homes.

International Homeless Animals' Day may be a solemn day of remembrance for the millions of dogs and cats that die each year due to pet overpopulation, but it is also a day of hope and inspiration.

There is never a better time than the present to create positive change for unwanted animals.

Together, we make a difference!

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