Russia and China Agree on Protected Area for Siberian Tigers
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World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced last week that China and Russia have agreed to create a protected area on their shared border to use as a habitat for the endangered Siberian tiger. The transboundary protected area will double the range the tigers roam.

The Siberian tiger, also know as the Amur tiger, is the largest of the tiger subspecies and is highly endangered with an estimated population of only 500.

"Since both countries play a crucial role in terms of global tiger recovery, a future transboundary network would represent a big step in WWF's global tiger conservation effort," said Dr. Sergey Aramilev, the biodiversity coordinator for the Amur Branch of WWF-Russia.

The agreement marks a great achievement during the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

Earlier this year, WWF launched the TX2 campaign to double the number of wild tigers by the next Year of the Tiger, which occurs in 2022.

The agreed upon transboundary area will also be a protected habitat for other endangered species like the Far East leopard, musk deer and goral.

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