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Institute for Humane Education (IHE)

Are you a teacher? Get inspired! Get connected! Be empowered!

Learn new strategies, tools and ideas for teaching about the most important issues of our time, including human rights, animal protection, environmental preservation and media and consumerism.

Created especially for middle and high school educators, this month-long course offers reflection and opportunities for creativity designed to help you dive into the issues of humane education, enliven your teaching, enrich your courses, and help your students become ever more engaged citizens. You'll develop new techniques and ideas to make your classes even more rewarding, interesting, and meaningful.

Humane Education courses and registration information

The course is structured so that educators from a variety of grade and subject levels can benefit from the content and apply and adapt the strategies and inquiries to their own situations.

As part of Sowing Seeds Online you'll have a chance to interact virtually with other educators through discussion boards, receive input from the course advisors and connect with people who are passionate about empowering themselves and transforming the world. Participants will receive a copy of The Power and Promise of Humane Education by IHE President Zoe Weil.

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