Spain Joins the War Against Canada's Cruel Slaughter of Seals
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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

One by one the nations of Europe are condemning the vicious slaughter of seals as the Canadian government continues to support a small group of seal pup killers in the face of escalating global opposition.

This week, Spain joined with the defenders of the seals in condemning the horrific slaughter, voting to support a total ban on all seal products in the European Union. The vote of March 25th follows the March 17th vote by Ireland to ban all seal products, joining the Netherlands, France, Germany and other nations in opposing the seal slaughter.

Canada is becoming increasing more isolated in their position in support of the annual massacre of hundreds of thousands of seal pups. Canadian Members of Parliament and Senators are receiving tens of thousands of e-mails condemning the killing.

Calls for boycotts of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada are increasing. Demonstrations are taking place in cities around the world sending clear messages to the Canadian government that it's time for Canada to join the 21st century and do away with barbaric industries like sealing.

Some Canadian politicians are complaining that foreigners should not be interfering in Canadian issues, yet these same politicians insist that foreigners buy seal products. Canada has even threatened trade retaliation against nations opposing the slaughter.

"As a Canadian citizen, I welcome and applaud people from around the world who are speaking up and demanding the end to the atrocities on the ice," said Captain Paul Watson. "The majority of Canadians are opposed to the slaughter but all the Canadian elected politicians save one (Senator Mac Harb) support the cruel industry because in Canada, politicians are obedient to the party line at the cost of ignoring the voice of the people who elected them. However, the politicians can't ignore the power of economics and thus the key to destroying the sealing industry is to remove the markets for seal products."

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society applauds the Spanish decision and welcomes Spain into the list of nations that condemn cruelty to these gentle creatures.

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