Steffany Takes on Meatless Mondays
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Steffany Pratt
April 2016

This semester I took a course in Critical Animal Studies at Montclair State University and I was shocked to learn about the horrible way animals are treated in several industries.

One of the issues that I am particularly concerned with is factory farming. The industry is cruel, not only to the animals, but also to the people who work there. It's harmful to the environment, and the products that come from these facilities present all kinds of health issues to the people who consume them.

After learning about the horror of factory farming, I decided that I wanted to start taking measures to stop it. I've started practicing Meatless Mondays, and so far it's been great. Even though it's a very small change, it's helping me to head in the right direction. I encourage everyone to start taking small steps to help end factory farming, even if it means only eating meatless for one day each week.

This issue isn't going to be solved over night, but with a little more awareness and effort, I believe we can end the suffering caused by factory farming. 

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