How To Talk Turkey
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pattrice Jones, VINE Sanctuary - Veganism Is the Next Evolution
November 2018

pattrice Jones offers a few tips on “talking turkey” this Thanksgiving.

At this time of year, many people struggle to figure out how to tell friends and relatives why they will not, or cannot, sit and smile at a table laden with the dead body of a turkey. Many also wrestle with the renewed realization that people they love are capable of callous cruelty, seeming to value the fleeting pleasure of the taste or texture of turkey flesh more highly than not only the life of the bird but also their relationship with the friend or relative who is begging them to be more kind.

Let me be clear: I do not have an easy answer for you. But I did have a little success with this post to my not-yet-vegan Facebook friends last year. (Several of the people I had in mind while writing let me know that they had seen and read it and were thinking seriously about it.) I also know a thing or two about how people can more effectively communicate with people they care about while in the grip of intense emotion. So, let me offer a few tips on “talking turkey” this Thanksgiving...

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