Passage of landmark bill is a victory for the sharks in California
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September 2011

[Ed. Note: UPDATE September 28, 2011. The "victory" in this article meant passages in both houses of the California legislature. Take action now: Tell Governor Brown to Sign Shark Ban Legislation Immediately.]

[Ed. Note: Also read Oregon Governor Signs Shark Fin Trade Ban, Shark Fin Ban Passes in Northern Marinara Islands, State of Washington Passes Shark Protection Legislation, Great White Sharks "More Endangered Than Tigers", Shark Attack Survivors Call on Senate to Ban Shark Hunting and Shark Attack Survivors Urge UN to Support Shark Conservation.]


Earlier this month, the Assembly Bill 376, which prohibits the sale, trade, and possession of shark fins within California, passed the California Senate with a vote of 25 to 9. This landmark bill for sharks is expected to be signed into law by Governor Brown in the coming days.

The demand for shark fins is largest in Asia, with the state of California being second. This is a huge step for sharks. Similar legislation has already been passed in Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon, so we need to get California on the map.

Shark finning is a horribly cruel though still legal process in which sharks are captured and have their fins sliced off, all while being alive (usually). They are then tossed overboard to drown and/or bleed to death, since shark meat is not considered valuable. All of this torture for “shark fin soup.”

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