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Teaching Veganism
By Anai Rhoads

As Vegans, we sometimes forget this diet isn't just about what
we eat - but what we do. In order to really consider ourselves
"vegan" we must follow the lifestyle as it was meant to be.

You may know someone who is concerned about the welfare of
animals, but isn't quite sure how to go about helping directly. It
is our responsibility to help educate those who have not yet
completed the meat-vegetarian-vegan circle.

What can you do in your everyday life that can protect animals?

Go Vegan: You will save animals from suffering and certain death just by eliminating meat, poultry, dairy, eggs and honey from your diet. By choosing Veganism you are sending a clear message that the mistreatment of animals is not tolerated and is unacceptable.

Check Labels: Products that don't say "No Animal Testing" should be avoided. Billions of animals have had the misfortune of being prodded and tested for the sake of a bottle of shampoo or eyeliner. Research the company online that you plan to buy from. You will be surprised how many use animals even when they claim they do not. A list of companies that use live testing on animals can be found here:

Clothing: It is no longer fashionable to wear a long mink coat as your mother may have a few years back. This of course is not due to a trend-phase-out, but a calculated move to stop activists from campaigning. It is but one victory for animal rights. Fur is not the only worry nowadays as we have suede, leather, and wool. If you like the look, reach for the fakes.

Medication: Most of what you use to relieve pain, kill
infection and so on - was tested on an animal at one point.
While we cannot completely stop using necessary medications,
we can limit the unnecessary overuse of medication. Recently
marketed prescriptions and over-the-counter medications may
have a higher chance of animal testing.

Pet Birds: Birds were not intended to be caged. If you
currently own a bird that has lived its life in a cage for a long
time, let them be. Don't buy birds - they had a long journey to
get to your local pet shop. Many died in the process.

Pet dogs and cats: Always adopt from a shelter when
considering a dog or cat as a new family pet. Be sure you are
ready for this responsibility - as someone else was not. Spade
or neuter your pet to prevent breeding. Encourage friends,
family and strangers to adopt.

Don't Declaw: The claw and end bone of each toe are
amputated when you have your pet declawed. This includes the
full removal of the cat's dew claw. Photographs of this process
can be found here:
Warning, they are graphic.

Exploitation: For decades, circuses have forced animals
to entertain us. Many people have used hidden cameras as a
witness to the beatings the animals endured during their long
and difficult training. While not all animals are necessarily
abused verbally or physically in the industry, one can say its
clear that animals should not be pushed to entertain. Consider
also horse carriages, animal racing, pure breed shows and the
like. When their talent and ability fail or they age, most animals
are either put to sleep or abandoned.

Sport:  Do not attend, fund, participate in or support any
activity that uses animals as sport. This includes deer hunting,
fox hunting, and fishing to name a few.

Dissection:  Refuse to participate in the dissection of an
animal or insect. Frogs are the most commonly dissected
animals and the tradition has become standard practice in high
schools across America. To get involved with activism against
dissection, please visit the College Activist:

Become An Activist:  Get involved with current issues.
This doesn't mean that you go around spray painting fur
wearers. Join groups that make a difference. Give your time
generously to bring awareness of animal issues to your
community.  has free materials to get you started.

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