The Horse Abuse that Shocked a Small Town
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Garland Eger
April 2010

In the small town of Coxsackie, NY, about twenty miles south of Albany, thoroughbred breeder Ernie Paragallo has been arrested on 22 counts of Animal abuse. Paragallo's farm had some 177 Horses on it, at least eight of whom were in critical condition.

At the time of the raid many of the horses were covered in lice, bone thin, and too weak to be touched. The Columbia-Greene Humane Society has taken over the farm and is currently working with the remaining horses.

Paragallo, the owner of 1996 derby favorite "Unbridled's Song" told investigators that he had not visited the facility in over nine months. Paragallo had this to say about the matter; "It wasn't knowing neglect, Did I try and harm any of those horses? Absolutely not. Did any of them come up skinny? Absolutely. Was it a case of mismanagement? Absolutely. I'm not shying away from it. but I didn't abuse them."

I personally do not see how any living being could subject another to such a fate and then call it "mismanagement". The situation is no different than if a mother starved a new born baby. Incidents like this only prove that horse racing is a cruel and unusual sport, and should be condemned as primitive. Horses are incredibly loving, caring and emotionally sensitive creatures, and would never subject humans to such a horrible fate.

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