They Have Names Because of You
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Beagle Freedom Project (BFP)
December 2013

beagle freedom vivisection

2013 can be summarized with some amazing Numbers

  • 66 beagles, 11 mixed breed dogs, 3 rabbits, 2 cats, 3 piggies, 10 ponies all saved from laboratories and placed in homes.YE_1.jpg
  • We started 2013 with liberated dogs in 3 states and ended the year with dogs in 23 states in every corner of the country.
  • BFP was featured in hundreds of media stories across the US, England, Europe, and India telling the tragic story of animal-testing and the heroic stories of the survivors.
  • BFP found 65,000 new Facebook friends and hundreds of thousands of new website and Youtube visitors.

But Beagle Freedom Project has never been about numbers. As impressive as these statistics are and they are astounding for a mission that no one thought could succeed Beagle Freedom Project prides itself on focusing on the individuals. Names, not numbers. Our new survivors from 2013:

Betsy, Lucy, Irene, Emma, Finn, Sam, Abe, Davey, Riley, Derric, Marvin, Eddie, Riley, Rizzo, Rousseau, Charlie, Lillian, Heather, Hope, Krypto, Isaac, Bowie, Martin, George, Hamilton, Thomas, Ben, John, Vito, Madison, Roxie, Tucker, Odie, Franklin, Santi, Nico, Louie, Molly, Cash, Dolly, Chip, Dale, Elvis, Ginger, Joy, Abigail, Susie, Anthony, Klien, Luke, Zeke, Teddy, Eric, Bo, Jane, Rebecca, Bruce, Candy, Dixie, Tara, Duke, Eddie, Rosie, Ruby, Reba, Fuller, Arthas, Bernie, Molly, Peanut, Leonardo, Fuller, Maggie, Sherman, Libby, Marla, Roxie, Walter, Ida, Lottie, Lola, Tillie, Odie, Lester, Isaac, Vinnie, Edward, Scotty, Frankie, Johnny, Paulie, Allen, Terri, Patty, Dayton, and Raymond.

Each one a cherished family member now. Free and thriving because of your support this last year.

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