To KUMC: URGENT–The Biomedical Research at Your University
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Carol E. McCormick on Thomas Paine's Corner
December 2009

Hello Dr. Nielsen:

I recently read an email that you sent to a Mr. Setticase about primate research at your facility. Your response meant a great deal to me.

Let me introduce myself. I am a former world champion swimmer, White House employee, and professor of psychology. I say former as I now have neurological diseases. HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR YOU!!!!

My requests are small. One is to please allow the public to film your research on primates. Secondly, please allow me to film this research and determine if I would like to apply to be a candidate for this research. After all, you are trying to help humans, correct? I need medical help.

Vivisectors intentionally crippled this Silver Springs monkey as part of their “research.”

A little more about me which may be of interest: I was blessed to know the Silver Spring Monkeys, surely even though it was “decades” ago, you have heard of them? Of course I remember the very day I handed to the media the filming of the U. of P. videos of the veterinarians making fun and abusing the primates in the Head Injury Clinic and stating themselves that they sure better hope no animal rights group gets hold of them doing this on video. Oh yes, then I remember the horrid case of poor Britches, yet another clear case of primate abuse that I worked on telling the world about. And I cry still over the thousands or more of human lives lost while gay men begged for researchers to use them to develop a cure for HIV/AIDS–but surely you recall, instead of using human volunteers, the research community chose to use chimpanzees. The chimpanzees, who although they have feelings and behaviors so very similar to humans, simply did not get HIV/AIDS. Men died, chimpanzees went crazy in their cells. I cry for them too.

But let me assure you, Dr. Nielsen, I’m not sure I have had a happier day than when I was able to hand out photos of the baby chimps liberated from SEMA and playing together in what looked like a person’s home. Although I have no idea what happened to these dear animals since, I am certain that someone who would take them would not keep them; knowing that they belong with others of their own species in as close to their native environment as would be possible.

Back to your letter, Dr. Nielsen, since you are being the cheerleader for all animal research, I am afraid that everybody knows that your labs are almost never checked and certainly not written up for violations by any agency. And that thousands of liberations have taken place that researchers know of but don’t want to make public, or that researchers never even notice. Also that so many of your staff are there undercover to expose what you do. And that so many of your willing staff have quit or been fired and reported to anyone ready to listen what horrid and illegal and immoral things go on in animal labs. It is also well known that only the worst in the field of veterinarians take a job in animal labs. And even some of them have come forward–more would, I am sure, had your lively band of vivisectors not threatened their livelihood, their lives, their families.

Oh yes, and since you addressed what you believe are the miracle cures based on vivisection (did you ever count that these cures were based on non-animal experimentation theories and discoveries?), might I remind you that there are as many miracle, and non-lethal to humans or other animals, cures and discoveries to pop out of, oh yeah, non-animal experimentation. Let’s not forget how, and I have proof of this from a doctor with whom I just spoke by telephone, as well as a patient: even though tens of thousands of people in the US alone are clamoring to find out if a recently discovered virus is the reason for their disabilities; the discovers, now famous worldwide molecular biologists, continue to submit grant after grant to test the blood of humans and continue their molecular research, but they are turned down repeatedly. Let’s face it, vivisectors have stacked the deck while so many of us go undiagnosed, untreated because vivisection DOESN’T WORK! How many illnesses would exist no more if vivisection did not exist? How many cures would we have found?

Vivisection has always and only existed to make vivisectors rich, no one else is helped. Humans with illnesses like me have suffered for it; but not nearly as much as my fellow sentients like dogs, mice, rats and monkeys who did not sign up for the program.

DO YOUR CHILDREN KNOW WHAT YOU DO, AND IF NOT, WHY NOT??????????? Clearly, you are hiding. If not, open your laboratory doors. I need your help with my own health, and I need you to let my brothers and sisters, the primates you torture every single day to be humanely euthanised or if possible to live out their lives in peace. Don’t even get me started on how these primates were first captured.

So, if I come out there, will you be sure I am given the proper amount of anesthesia Doctor??

Allow me to congratulate you in your ability to copy and paste. I do believe if I were healthy enough, that I could dig up your pal Frankie Trull’s letter from the late 80’s spouting the exact same useless, harmful words. Wowie–you guys of Pro-Test and the like sure are smart whether you are in ivory towers or in places like HLS. You do understand now, don’t you Dr.? Vivisection is not just useless, it is harmful. For humans and other species alike. For people trying to find a cure for me so I don’t have to suffer more, nor have my family have to put up with this suffering. I beg you, help me in your neuro lab.

This is an urgent matter, for me, my family, and the primates, so please get back to me right away.

Carol McCormick

PS: Please forgive the errors in this letter, after all, you know better than most how cognitively impaired one with neurological problems can become. Oh, and if you need to test things like my memory, how is electrodes in a monkey’s head doing that please? And since you want to help humans, there’s no need for me to be selfish–I can bring with me hundreds if not more of people suffering from Parkinsons and Altzeimers who would love for you to experiment on them. Many thanks!

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