Tom Regan "In His Own Words"
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Bob Leonard
August 2017

Powerpoint created for Tom Regan Remembrance Circle at the 2017 Animal Rights conference.

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Tom Regan

"When all the dust settles, the idea of animal rights comes to that. This idea is simple. Itís that you donít exist for me and I don't exit for you. And anytime you reduce me to a piece of utility to advance your aims or your purposes and so on, you violate my rights. I have a right to be treated with respect, I have a right not to be harmed unnecessarily, I have a right now to be killed. If people have cats or dogs, they understand this. It's not that when you come home they are a completey different creature than when before you left, and it's not like they're going to be a completely different creature tomorrow when you awake. They are enduringly presences in the world. They not only are alive, they are the subject of a life. They carry this psychological complexiity through time with them that underscores the idea that they retain their identity over time....Fundamentally they are like us and we are like them."

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