Toronto Zoo Elephants Going to PAWS!
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[Ed. Note: For background info, read Toronto Zoo Elephants Need Your Help!, Letter to the Editor, Toronto Star about Saving Three Elephants, Three elephants to be released to California sanctuary, Blame the AZA, not Bob Barker.]

From In Defense of Animals (IDA) November 2012

IDA members know that several times we've asked you to write letters on behalf of the Toronto Zoo elephants. You responded by the thousands. On November 27, The Toronto City Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of sending three elephants - Toka, Thika and Iringa - to the PAWS sanctuary in California.

In 2009, The Toronto Zoo made IDA's list of the Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants after the deaths of four elephants in less than four years. Since then, we have supported the efforts of Toronto advocates and the city council to make this humane and long-overdue relocation happen. This is a major victory for elephants and for IDA. Thanks for your support! When you send letters and ask yourself "will this do any good?", let this be a reminder that, together, our voices can be quite loud, and people do listen.

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