Treacherous Winter Wild Horse Roundups Underway
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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
December 2010

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues to roundup wild horses in the dead of winter (December 2010) in capture operations underway in Nevada and Utah. Winter is a time when horses are operating on lower reserves, and the old, sick, lame and heavily pregnant horses are stampeded along with the healthy, driven over miles of difficult winter terrain into BLM trap pens.

Wild horses released after capture at Callaghan Complex Roundup.
Photo by Elko Daily Free Press

At the BLM’s Callaghan Complex roundup, which began on December 7, 202 wild horses have been captured, and at least six horses have died to date.

Among the deaths:

  • a young foal who broke her ankle in the helicopter chase
  • another wild horse whose leg was broken when she was kicked in the holding corrals
  • BLM also euthanized (shot) four horses, including two elderly stallions, who were forced to endure the trauma of a helicopter stampede and capture before being shot
  • a four year old female who had a sway back was shot.
  • In addition to the deaths, one poor mare, gave birth in the trap pens, after being driven out of her home and separated from her family. She and her newborn foal have been transported to the BLM’s Indian Lakes feedlot in Fallon, Nevada.
  • Meanwhile at that facility, the deaths continue
  • The daily facility reports chronicle a litany of broken necks and spinal injuries, deaths from stress-related metabolic problems, and young horses found dead for unknown reasons.

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