Greyhound Racing Exposed in Tucson, AZ
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December 2010

For over sixty years, the public has been prevented from seeing the terrible way dogs are treated at Tucson Greyhound Park. Last summer, our team of professional investigators finally got into to the kennel compound to learn the truth. Watch Greyhound Racing Exposed in Tucson AZ.

LLast year, GREY2K USA released a report documenting that a dog was injured every 3- 4 days at Tucson Greyhound Park in 2008. Greyhounds suffered broken legs, fractured skulls, dislocations, and muscle tears. Now, our investigators have proven that dogs at Tucson Greyhound Park also endure lives of terrible confinement:

  • The kennel compound consists of a series of warehouses surrounded by a barbed wire fence and blocked by a guard shack.
  •  Greyhounds are kept inside these warehouse style kennels in small, stacked cages which are barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around.
  • Greyhounds at Tucson racing kennels are kept in complete darkness.
  • Greyhounds at Tucson racing kennels are fed raw, untreated 4-D meat.
  • The majority of dogs our investigators observed were muzzled right inside their cages.

This is no way to treat a dog!

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