Uganda Opposes Trade in Ivory
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New Vision (Kampala)
Gerald Tenywa, Kampala
October 7, 2004 

A TEAM of wildlife officials has left for a global meeting in Bangkok, Thailand to oppose the lifting of the ban imposed on ivory trade.

"Uganda believes in the concept of sustainable utilisation. We recognise that Uganda's elephant population growth in the last 20 years is partly due to the ban on ivory. Uganda therefore, proposes that this ban should be upheld until such a time that mechanisms for regulating ivory trade and elephant products has been instituted at national, regional and international levels," the team's statement said.

The two-week meeting is organised under the auspices of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild flora and fauna).

But shortly before departure, the officials were sharply divided over the failure to include partners such as NGOs in the consultations and restricting the process to reactions to proposals fronted by other countries.

Speaking yesterday, Dr. Arthur Mugisha, the executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority confirmed that the consultative process was conducted within three weeks before departure.

Ed. Note: Until human beings learn to respect and protect other species, we will continue to degrade and destroy ourselves.

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