USDA Probe Launched after Undercover Investigation at Laboratory Monkey Breeding Facility
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June 2015

In the midst of the escalating #MONKEYGATE scandal over Hendry County, Florida’s secret approval of new laboratory monkey breeding facilities, a PETA undercover investigation at an existing facility, Primate Products in Hendry County, Florida leads to a USDA investigation! PETA says it found sick and injured monkeys.

primate products
The facility sells some monkeys’ blood and spinal fluid for profit. Piles of monkeys were left to wake up from sedation on bare concrete, trapped inside metal chutes.

primate products

primate products
Monkeys are shipped to other facilities, including laboratories, in wooden crates barely any larger than they are, causing many of them distress and fear.

Here’s the Ft Myers News Press link to the USDA documents with company response: Associated Press June 1, 2015.

Activists and residents say that the facilities shouldn't be covered under the county's agricultural zoning regulations. Monkeys, they say, are very different from cows or horses.

"As seen in the video, the company takes spinal fluid and blood from these wild animals, which can in no way be considered the 'agriculture' use that the company's land is zoned for," Paden said. "Hendry County can and should put an end to this cruelty and shut Primate Products down immediately."

PETA filed a formal complaint with the USDA, asking the agency to look into alleged violations of animal welfare and protection laws.

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