VSPCA Rescuing Animals in India

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VSPCA Rescuing Animals in India

From Visakha Society for the Protection of Animals (VSPCA)
December 2009

VSPCA is committed to rescuing ALL animals, providing life-long sanctuary for over 1000 animals...and all the while promoting veganism!

It's been a year of hardship and achievement. Here are some of the highlights:

Below are only a few of the animals rescued in 2009!

Bhim was greatly injured by a huge sword thrown from a butcher's shop. He is recovering and will stay with us.

Chintu is a Rhesus monkey seized from the "owner" who kept her locked away without much food. She is cute, nice and extremely loving. We will look for a group of Rhesus monkeys to be her new family but for now she needs our help.

A fool left this sweetie in a drain to die, a good person rang us up to come and save him.

Little was found nearly dead by the Beach Road, probably hit by a car. He has made a full recovery and due to his darling and friendly nature he is a real favorite and may become one of our Dr. Paw dogs.

It is an ongoing battle to help cows in India. These are just a few of the most recently rescued cows, who will live out their lives at the sanctuary.

This python was seized from a man who kept the snake confined in a bag unless the snake was “performing.” After receiving a good bill of health, the python was released. Volunteers found another python whose mouth had been stitched shut. After the stitches were removed and a checkup validated he was in good health, he was also released into the wild.