When Cows Don't Produce
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Robert Cohen, NotMilk.com
January 2005

Once a cow's milking days come to an end, what becomes of her? Is she sent to pasture, or adopted as somebody's pet? This is the real life and death story of every cow's last few days.

Over three million dairy cows are sent to U.S. slaughterhouses each year. Imagine for a moment each creature's experience.

She is loaded onto a crowded truck, packed in tightly with other cows.

She is then driven many miles in the middle of the night to her death. Some animals do not make it that far.

They cry. They scream. They die of fear. Some freeze to death.

Those unlucky enough to survive the trip are roughly unloaded from the truck, and are prodded with electrical devices of torture to go up a ramp to their final fate.

Stun gun, sharp knife to the throat, meat hook; some remain conscious as the blood still drains from the wounds in their necks while they are hoisted upside down by chains.

Those who regain consciousness to feel pain react by kicking wildly, and are rewarded by having their thrashing legs removed by men with chainsaws. The adrenaline permeates their flesh.

A used up dairy cow is culled from her herd and sent to the slaughterhouse when she is no longer profitable to the dairy farmer. Often times, disease has ravished her stressed body. Tumors grow. Leukemia or tuberculosis or bovine AIDS overwhelms her immune system.

Three times per day milking dissolves bones from within.

Nearly one-hundred percent of cows end their lives this way. See: https://www.all-creatures.org/anex/cattle.html

They are given no respect as living, feeling creatures. Ear tags merely identify cows as numbered agricultural units.

Each living animal is skinned, gutted, and beheaded. The sum total of her life is now referred to as meat. She is cut up into halves, then quartered, then portioned.

Cows no longer able to be milked are broken down specimens of what they once were. Diseased and injured cows are discarded and their universal statement is muffled:

Our flesh is tainted. We lived our lives to serve you and your children so that our diseased flesh and battered bodies can now be recycled into your own bodies.  

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