Where Is Lolita?
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December 5, 2014

[For more, please read Liberating Lolita... AND Visit the Facebook page for January 17 MIRACLE MARCH FOR LOLITA]

Please call the Miami Seaquarium and ask where Lolita is: (305) 361-5705.  

liberating Lolita
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The Public Relations office at the Miami Seaquarium is saying “no comment” in response to frantic inquires about the whereabouts of Lolita, an orca who has been living in the smallest killer whale tank in North America for 44 years.

 Lolita orca
Lolita’s tank is just 35 feet X 80 feet...where she has lived for over 40 years.

The Seaquarium posted this statement for visitors on its website: “Due to routine maintenance at our Killer Whale and Dolphin Stadium, there will be no Killer Whale and Dolphin show until further notice.”

Some speculate that Lolita has been moved to an even smaller tank that is covered with a tarp:

Lolita, who was stolen from her pod off the coast of Washington in 1970 when she was four, has captured the world’s attention because her tank that is smaller than the minimum size required by the Animal Welfare Act, and she has no orca companion or shelter from the sun. Lolita can’t even dive because the the tank to which she is confined is shallower than the length of her body.

On January 17th, over 1,000 people will gather in Miami for the Mircale March for Lolita, which promises to be the largest protest in history for a captive orca. The objective is to pressure the Seaquarium to release her to coastal sanctuary near her pod where she will be rehabilitated and transitioned back into the wild. Lolita’s mother is still alive.

Please call the Miami Seaquarium and ask where Lolita is: (305) 361-5705. 

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