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Where There Is...

August 2001

Where there is inhumanity, animals are victimized.
Where there is fear, innocent animals are exterminated.
Where there is misunderstanding, domestic animals are punished.
Where there is misconception, laboratory animals are tortured.
Where there is detachment, wild animals are killed as trophies.
Where there is vanity, wild animals are trapped for their fur.
Where there is evil, helpless animals are tormented for our entertainment.
Where there is anger, confused animals are beaten.
Where there is impatience, tired animals are overdriven.
Where there is ignorance, sick animals are neglected.
Where there is indifference, hungry animals starve.
Where there is superstition, harmless animals are abused.
Where there is greed, draft animals are overloaded.
Where there is gluttony, animals are raised and killed for food.

Where there is selfishness, animals' suffering is not felt.
Where there is hopelessness and despair, no one cares for animals or each other.

The calf photo on these pages is from Farm Sanctuary with our thanks.

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