White Coat Waste Project's 2017 Successes
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White Coat Waste Project
January 2018

Thanks to our donors' financial support, we slightly exceeded our end-of-year budget goal!

In case you missed it, here's a recap of our top victories:

  • Megaphone Placed 241 media stories... that's one major press exposť every 36 hours!
  • Rallied 600,000 taxpayers to bombard Congress to clean up the waste.
  • Ended 20-year-old meth tests on Dobermans.
  • Secured 2 federal audits of government spending
  • Stopped the FDA's nicotine tests on 10-month-old baby monkeys.
  • Educated millions of taxpayers with hard-hitting TV ads and billboards.

With your ongoing investment, we'll clean up even more government waste and abuse in 2018.

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