Wild horse slaughter prompts sixth grader to start petition: Crosses 100,000 signature mark
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November 2012

Good things do come in small packages.

wild horse mustang horse slaughter

As is the case with sixth-grader Robin Warren who attained more than 100,000 signatures to save wild horses from needless slaughter!

Warren and her mother, became involved with the plight of the wild horses after reading an article on ProPublica.org about Tom Davis, advocate of horse slaughter, purchasing hundreds of horses from the Bureau of Land Management - some of which cost only $10 each.

“I love wild horses. When my mom and I read about them being taken from the range by the Bureau of Land Management and sold to people who support horse slaughter, I had to do something,” stated the 11 year old.

Finding a way to help the wild horses, Warren launched a campaign on Change.org imploring the Bureau of Land Management to keep the wild horses from going to slaughterhouses. In her efforts, over 100,000 Americans have signed the petition to fight and save the wild horses from slaughter.

Her diligence in protecting wild horses has motivated Warren to launch the Youths’ Equine Alliance with two other youngsters. The organization's goal is to put a stop to the slaughter of wild horses in America. 

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