Wolves Kept Their Endangered Species Act Protections in 2018
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Endangered Species Coalition
December 2018

We kept gray wolves and other imperiled species protected and kept the law that safeguards them safe.

Wolf face
Image from Endangered Species Coalition

This year—this Congress and Administration—was a very challenging period for endangered species and for our country's gray wolves in particular. Members of Congress that are intent on taking the protections these majestic animals need tried time after time to pass legislation to do so.

And every time they tried, you stood up. When endangered species needed you most, you spoke out in defense of wolves and of endangered species protections.

You called, you emailed, you tweeted, you even went to the local offices of your senators and representatives to tell them that you expect them to protect the Endangered Species Act. You did all of this to keep gray wolves and other imperiled species protected and to keep the law that safeguards them safe.

So today, I want to thank you on behalf of our community and the plants, fish, and animals it works to protect. Your support was and will continue to be crucial to our success in keeping gray wolves and other endangered species safe. Please donate to this work on our website: Endangered Species Coalition

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