Catch/Release Programs for Cats Are Inhumane
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Dr. Michael W. Fox
November 2016


Regarding a letter from Oct. 6; National Feral Cat Day is an insult to the domestic cat, our most popular beloved pet.

Forcing unadoptable cats to live and die outdoors through the misguided practice of trap-neuter-re-abandon rather than receive a quick, humane death is cruel and irrational. As the director of a cat shelter, I have witnessed too many who suffer miserably with prolonged deaths from infestations of parasites, systemic infections from injuries or diseases transmitted by fleas and other animals. After one trip to the clinic for sterilization, these cats will never receive any palliative care for the many afflictions they will eventually acquire.

Cats do not belong on farms where they can contaminate farm animals and vegetable crops with Toxoplasmosis gondii oocysts spread via their feces while hunting native wildlife, not just pest species.

Animal shelters were created to prevent cruelty to animals, not for people to do what makes them feel good. Open-admission shelter staffs who take on difficult but compassionate decisions for the sake of the animals while cleaning up the problems that irresponsible others leave behind are the true heroes.

Love your cats by keeping them safe on your own property and away from wildlife.

I spent three months this past summer fighting the crazy "no-kill" people at town board meetings because they didn't approve of my euthanizing feral cats instead of TNRing them. They basically spread lies about me stalking cats in back yards and taking peoples' owned cats! It was quite frightening. I came through with the help of my supporters and from three veterinarians.
Gail Mihocko, Project Cat Director, Accord, New York


I agree with you and communities endorsing TNR without question are undoubtedly betraying what I consider a sacred duty to care for cats and all creatures great and small. Releasing cats to live permanently outdoors in most communities is an abdication of responsibility for wildlife protection, public health and catsí welfare in most communities. 

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