Dr. Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, founder of Premae Skincare
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Dr. Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, Black Vegans Rock
February 2017

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Dr. Clare Anyiam-Osigwe has been vegan for 8 years and is the founder of Premae Skincare.

I was persistently unwell during my second year at university back in 2004. I was eating a lot of meat and wheat-based products and knew that they were making me bloat and feel tired. The final straw was that my skin looked awful, and I was studying to become an actress and director. I worked as a makeup artist during the weekends and evenings.

I decided after much reluctance to go vegan. It was the hardest journey back then, as there were no Freefrom or Vegan aisles at my local supermarkets. I made curries, soups from scratch and over 12 months started to feel much better.

I then saw that my skin improved, but there was still acne scars. I looked at the makeup in my makeup kit and realised that the chemicals and the ingredients such as Wheatgerm, Lanolin (Sheeps wool), Petroleum (derived from Petrol oil) were clogging my pores. I began cooking raw face balms from my kitchen, using raw mango butter, aloe vera, coconut and cocoa butters. These beautiful ingredients are Alkaline, healing and sedatory. My skin blemishes disappeared within six months and I've had beautiful skin ever since.

To me, being Vegan on the inside and outside means my whole immune system is being nourished. Now, my mission is to share this with the world.

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