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From Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages
December 2013

horse-drawn carriage bus ads
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This month, we are running ads on the backs of 80 public transit buses in Manhattan, spending just about all of our funds. The ads began on December 1st. This past year, because of your generosity, we were able to run ads for several months in local papers.

Many people contacted us because of these ads -- it was very apparent in the increase in "likes" on our Facebook page - No Walk in the Park. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU SEE THE AD AND SNAP A PICTURE FOR US - [email protected]

Please consider donating to our ban horse-drawn carriage campaign to help us continue to do things like this. We are all volunteer and do not pay any salaries. Every donation received goes into the organization for our newsletter, posters, flyers and advertising. We also like to be able to donate to horse rescues who are supportive of a ban on NYC's horse-drawn carriages and special equine need cases.

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