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Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages
January 2014

The Calvary Group, out of St. Louis, is mentioned in Matt Bershadker's CNN piece on horse-drawn carriages. This is a crucial piece of information. This organization is pro puppy mills and pro horse-slaughter.

horse drawn carriage

According to the Daily News:

The outfit has opposed several 'animal rights' measures around the U.S., including a ballot question in Missouri to crack down on so-called 'puppy mills' and a referendum in North Dakota that would make it a felony to maliciously and intentionally harm dogs, cats or horses.

These are the clients they take on and this is the reason there has been so many pro carriage horse pieces in the media recently.

The carriage drivers seem to think this is a good thing to be represented by a group of extremists that are opposed to any animal welfare standards that would negatively affect the pocket book of their "owners."

This is from the Calvary Group's web site:

The Cavalry Group is a member based company made of up animal owners, animal-related businesses, and corporate concerns. We have joined together to fight the radical animal rights agenda legally, legislatively, and financially nation-wide. We protect your rights to own animals and operate animal oriented businesses from attacks by animal rights extremists. The Cavalry Group partners with animal owners and businesses as a collective force to counter legislative attacks driven by radical animal rights groups on state and federal levels.

This is a link to the bills they oppose -- The SAFE Act to stop sending American horses to be slaughtered; the anti puppy mill bill plus efforts to upgrade anti-cruelty laws.

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