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Carriage Horse Stables in Central Park Are a Bad Idea and a Diversion

FROM Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
September 2021

If the TWU were really interested in protecting “blue collar jobs," they would transition to electric carriages since the drivers would earn more and they could expand union membership.

It’s time to retire these poor, exploited, horses and stop putting them, caring New Yorkers, and tourists through the wringer every few months with a horrible new accident that hurts our psyche and the City’s image. There is no way to provide them with a humane environment in NYC in which to both work and live.

Ryrder collapsed
Ryder collapsed from being malnourished and forced to work in excessive heat...

As MSNBC’s Morning Joe was airing a piece about the controversial NYC carriage horse issue (9/1/22,) showing footage from horrendous accidents over the years that continue to plague NYC, the Transit Workers Union local 100 (TWU) introduced a new proposal that once again suggested stables in Central Park – a new boondoggle. All this after the horrible accident involving Ryder, an emaciated, seriously ill, geriatric horse, who collapsed on the street with the owner beating him and trying to pass him off as 14. It was an image that went around the world – a black mark for NYC tourism.

In 2015, trying to appease everyone but ending up with no one, former Mayor de Blasio’s administration introduced a bill that would put the horse stables in Central Park at a cost to the City of $25 Million. The bill was supported by the Teamsters, who then represented the horse owners – but opposed by the Central Park Conservancy. The bill ultimately failed. Good government groups were poised to sue the city, which would have kept this issue in the courts for years. Horse stables in Central Park are simply not a viable idea.


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