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Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
June 2016

CHARLESTON: This is what their abusive and inhumane horse carriage business looks like. Photos taken by a resident who sent them to us.

Seventeen people in one carriage pulled by one miserable horse in 98 degree humid temperatures.

horse-drawn carriage abuse

horse-drawn carriage abuse

No consideration about the humidity per the City of Charleston's ordinance. PLEASE boycott the horse carriages in Charleston...otherwise you will be contributing to this inhumanity.

NYC may not "look" quite as bad but it is. There is no turnout for the horses; tiny stalls in upper floor stables; long hours where drivers can get over by double shifting their horses. By law, the horse carriage business must be suspended when it hits 90 degrees (no consideration for humidity).

But it is left up to the NYPD after the ASPCA gave it up in 2014. The cops do not want to be animal cops and do a very bad job. Most also do not like Mayor deBlasio and are not willing to cooperate - matter of fact, the biggest police union has already come out against him in the 2017 election leaving the horses as victims of this fallout. The NYC carriage drivers have it the best they ever have. It is the wild wild west on the hack line - no one is enforcing the law and they get away with murder and there is no one to act on complaints about this. This is the legacy Mayor deBlasio has given to us because of his lies and missteps in banning this inhumane industry.

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