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Ban Horse Drawn Carriages
July 2009

From 24 July, horse-drawn carriages will be banned from the Krakow Market Square between the hours of noon and 7 pm.

City authorities have imposed the ban due to a recent series of accidents when the horses have been irritated by the heat and crowds of tourists.

“During the holiday season, there is simply too much traffic on too little space and the temperatures are too high to ensure against the eventualities of accidents such as what happened recently,” stated Filip Szatanik from the Krakow Municipal Council, referring to an accident which occurred on 20 July when a young teenager was trampled by an unnerved horse.

On 10 July, a horse ran a carriage into the outdoor terrace of a café on the square, injuring and scaring four people.

The city is meant to provide an alternate location for the horse-drawn carriages, but have not yet made a decision.

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