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LCA Last Chance for Animals
June 2018

“Is this where we are as a society?” Montreal City Council member Craig Suave is right to ask that question, given what happens in the carriage-horse industry.

Max, a white carriage horse in NYC collapsed suddenly while on the job in Central Park in February 2017.

In Montreal, the recreational cruelty of taking a carriage-horse ride will soon be a thing of the past. On Thursday June 14th, the city moved to ban carriage-horse rides, caleches as they’re known locally, citing both the mistreatment of horses and the danger to people - new by-law to be enacted on December 31, 2019.

People have condemned the carriage-horse industry in cities around the world – leading to bans from Barcelona, Spain to Asheville, North Carolina.

Montreal City Council member Craig Suave, who introduced the measure, said that the sight of the struggling animals on Montreal streets made him wonder: “Is this where we are as a society?” Suave is right to ask that question, given what happens in the carriage-horse industry.

Last Chance for Animals exposed the carriage horse industry in New York City in 2015. LCA’s investigation found horses forced to work through injuries, and exposed to brutal temperatures. Forced to take tourists on perilous treks throughout the busy city, NYC carriage horses live through misery, monotony and pain. New York should join world-class cities like Toronto, Melbourne and Montreal in outlawing this outdated practice.

If you’re visiting a city that still has archaic horse drawn carriages, never take one, and tell everyone you know to stay away too. If you live in a city with a horse drawn carriage industry, contact your local city council member and ask them to ban this cruel trade. No animal should endure a life of pain for antiquated entertainment.

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