Only people with enough money to buy fruits and vegetables can be vegan. Isn't it a privileged position?
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Be Fair Be Vegan
September 2016

Having economic access to fresh fruits and vegetables should be the right of every human being, but itís true that for some, it is seemingly unaffordable. While it is completely possible to be vegan even on a tight budget, as many people are, the food inequality that is prevalent in our country and across the globe is worth noting.

We must recognize though that a large part of the reason meat and dairy is so cheap (and vegetables and fruit more expensive) is because of gigantic subsidies that the meat and dairy industry receives from the government. If these subsidies were funneled towards sustainable plant based agriculture, animal products would be unaffordable for the vast majority of the population, and we would have access to inexpensive fruits, vegetables and grains instead.

The natural high cost of animal products and low cost of vegan alternatives is grossly inverted only because our current political and social systems are set up to make it so. By becoming vegan you become part of the growing movement of people fighting not only for animal rights, but also for food equality.

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