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Morality and Ethics By: Janine Laura Bronson

By: Janine Laura Bronson [email protected] Submitted 5 Jan 1998

I am writing this message to be relayed across the world on the subjects of:

1. Animal Rights;
2. Fur;
3. A Religious Point of View (in particular Judeo-Christian);
4. Kindness and Compassion to Animals;
5. Minorities and Feminism;
6. Ethics and Morals;
7. People's Relationship with God Relative to the Preservation of Humankind; and
8. Impacts in our Daily Lives of the Global Effects to Our Ecology.


My name is Janine Laura Bronson and I am a Lifetime "Pillar of the Society" active member of the International Jewish Vegetarian and Ecological Society, which is headquartered in London, England, where I was born, 41 years ago.


I assisted in the placing of the Mezuzah on the door post of the Jersualem center in the Holyland, Israel, and have always liked traveling around the world to attend conferences, learn, and help to teach others about the above topics, and more...

Current Issue at Hand:

My interests have been aroused each time I get the notion that some people believe that humans were meant to dominate the other misfortunate creatures on earth, our fellow animals, for whatever reason or excuse imaginable! Some fanatics would try to base these "apologies" on Biblical text, or customs and traditions. Please help!!!

Your Reasons to Take Action:

Nothing is further from the truth! I will demonstrate in expanding on the above eight topics very briefly, and would welcome comments, in return to be addressed to [email protected] . Thank you for your time in reading. Go on now, please:

Mission Statement:

It is my goal to educate many of the people around the world that the Jewish religion frowns upon such ignorance, and furthermore, such barbaric acts are NOT condoned in Judaism, or Christianity, on the contrary, they go against the faith, and are unconscionable and illogical, not to mention impractical!

What am I talking about for a start? Let's begin with topic #1:

1. Animal Rights and Human Rights:

A quote from the book of Genesis 1:29, in which the Old Testament in it's Torah insight, informs us "And G-d said: 'Behold, I have given you every herb-yielding seed which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree that has seed-yielding fruit - to you it shall be for food.'" Isn't it obvious that human beings are not the only living breathing and eating creatures in our world, and therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that none of the other animals' need for food is neglected, or as is further explained, mercy, compassion and any other rights which humans are blessed with also, should be highly regarded when it comes to the rights of the other sentient animals, our neighborly fellow beings?

2. Fur:

Recently, the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Israel, Rabbi Halevy, ruled that Jews should NOT wear fur! Quoting the good Rabbi "Why should people be allowed to kill animals if it is not necessary, simply because they desire the pleasure of having the beauty and warmth of fur coats? Is it not possible to achieve the same degree of beauty and warmth without fur?"

3. A religious point of view:

Expressly negates animal sacrifice: "Even though you make many prayers, I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood." (Isaiah 1:12-15).

4. Kindness and compassion:

Empathy towarsds animals is expressed in "Tsa'ar ba'alei chayim" which is the words in Hebrew supposedly surrounding the rules against the infliction of unnecessary pain on animals anywhere and everywhere, but in particular, to farm animals upon whom people have most control, as in factory farms where "kosher" consumption is an issue.  Explain why are they, then, subject to cramped, confined spaces, drugs, mutilation and lack of exercise or normal enjoyment of life and reproduction?

5. Minorities and feminism:

Surprisingly to many people, one third of the human race populating our world today are omnivorous and the remaining two- thirds are herbivorous! Therefore, meat-eaters form the minority!!! Vegetarians are more inclined to support feminists, it is the meat eater who cares not about inflicting pain on farm animals or pets for naught, who thinks not twice about beating the female, or abusing their children, for that matter, either!

6. Ethics and Morals:

Judaism teaches "the earth is the L-ord's" (Psalm 24:1) wherein humans are supposed to join G-d as partners and co-workers in preserving the world. Why then use modern intensive livestock agriculture that unnecessarily erodes the soil, causing detrimental effects including depletion of water and destruction of the air (nitrogen from cows belching, excessive manure, etc.) overuse of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and global warming because of deforestation?

7. On G-d and Man:

How is our relationship with G-d influenced with the fight against hunger in the world we live in? Does not our Judeo-Christian tradition teach us to be G-d-like and to assist the poor, share our bread with starving nations around the world, save lives? Why then is over 70% of the American grain grown in this land fed not to humans, who need it most, but to animals strictly destined for the slaughterhouse, instead of feeding the needy? It takes 12 pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef! This wasted disproportionate agriculture could much better be used to feed 20 million people worldwide each year, rather than satisfy the minority's craving for the taste of flesh, and the cruel animal experimentation in the name of science, which could rather be done on growing/cultured tissues, to avoid the unnecessary suffering of any of the living blessed animals! Finally,

8. Impacts in our Daily Lives of the Global Effects to Our Ecology:

Christians and Jews alike could very seriously consider a plant-based diet based on the above, as well as ponder upon the global effects to our ecology regarding conserving our diminishing resources, and in order to avoid health sacrificing ailments which end up in strokes. Many of the diseases are known to have been linked to meat consumption. For example, such medicinal-treated problems such as prostate cancer is linked to a beef based diet. Many other forms of degenerative diseases caused by the ever-growing amounts of toxins found in our water directly relate to the factory farming industry.


Despite the Pesach rituals surrounding the consumption of flesh (Passover Lamb) it is therefore, both more Jewish and also more in keeping with the Christian way of compassion towards life, that every being avoid causing harm to any other living soul!

Respectfully submitted with blessings for a Wonderful New Year free of cruelty,

With <3 ,
Janine Laura Bronson
e-mail address: [email protected]

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