KFC's Vegan Sandwich Hits Home with Canadian Hockey Player
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Canadian hockey player Georges Laraque gave KFC's vegan sandwich a big thumbs up! It was the perfect jump-start to his recent venture into veganism.

Laraque blogged about his decision to go vegan on July 4th, saying:

I am pleased to announce that as of today I am officially a vegan. I am grateful for the hundreds of emails I received from vegetarians and vegans showing their support and sharing tips. As this is a all new for me, I invite you to continue sharing your experiences with me. A special thanks to the Montreal Vegetarian Association for their support.

Finally, I decided to invest time in supporting animal rights. I have already joined various animal rights organizations. I feel it is important to help the living creatures that donít have a voice to defend themselves. I believe that we should all, especially public figures, raise awareness for this cause.

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