Highest possible penalty given to Spanish factory farm workers in Spain
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September 2016

stabbing sow

One of the most important cases of animal abuse in the history of Spain results in the farm workers being sentenced to a year in prison and a three year ban from them working with animals.

Monday was a historic moment for farmed animals. Two of three men who we filmed torturing pigs at a farm in Murcia, Spain were given the most severe punishment ever handed down in Spanish history in a case of this kind.

In February 2012, Animal Equality uncovered unspeakable cruelty at El Escobar farm. The undercover video was taken by someone who had worked at this factory farm since 2009 and said he took the video and released it because he wanted the pigs to have more protection. Pigs were being mercilessly beaten and stabbed, with farm workers filming and mocking the abuse. One mother was even cut open alive and her babies removed from her. We can't imagine the pain these poor animals must have endured.

beating sow

Graphic video can be seen here.

But thanks to you and your support, we have been able to shine a spotlight on this suffering and ensure the brutal treatment was punished with the full force of the law. Both men received their sentence yesterday and will now face a year in prison and a 3 year ban from working with animals.

We couldn't have worked to uncover this abuse or prosecuted the men responsible without your continued support.

Thank you so much.

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