We're Suing to Save Alaska Wildlife From Trump
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Center for Biological Diversity
April 20, 2017

Earth to Trump: We'll see you in court.

Just minutes ago the Center for Biological Diversity sued Trump anew - this time targeting his callous decision allowing wolves to be gassed in their dens and bears to be shot by aerial gunners in Alaska's wildlife refuges.

This is no ordinary lawsuit. We're filing a constitutional challenge to a provision that allowed Congress to ram through this law before sending it to Trump for his signature.

It's exactly the kind of action the Center has built its reputation on: swift, fierce and creative.

But lawsuits like this one and the other 10 we've just filed against Trump are expensive. Please donate to the Trump Resistance Fund right now. Every dollar will be matched by a generous supporter.

The law Trump signed earlier this month is vicious. It repeals lifesaving measures the Obama administration put in place to protect some of Alaska's most iconic wildlife. Trump's new law allows wolves and their pups to be killed while asleep in their dens and bears to be caught in steel-jaw traps or shot from the air.

We're suing to reinstate protections and save these animals from these disgusting acts.

The war on wildlife is heating up under Trump. Right-wing politicians in the White House and both houses of Congress have made it clear: Wolves, bears and hundreds of endangered species are in their crosshairs. We know the next four years will be a bare-knuckle fight to protect wild creatures from constant attack. We know how to win, but we can't do it without you.

Please go to our website and donate today to our Trump Resistance Fund to help us see this lifesaving work to completion - your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Earth to Trump: We'll see you in court. 

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