But I LOVE cheese!
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Be Fair Be Vegan
September 2016

You would probably be surprised to learn how many people are addicted to cheese, and we don’t use the term “addicted” lightly. In fact, milk has casomorphines in it that act like mild opiates to calm the nursing infant and help bond mother to child. As the liquid from milk evaporates, these casomorphines are concentrated, making cheese a literal ’comfort food‘.

If you give yourself a month off cheese, your opinion may begin to change. After several years of being vegan, cheese becomes repulsive to many.

Just think about what cheese really is! Another animal’s breast milk, inoculated with enzymes from the stomach lining of their dead calves [link to rennet], the same calves who were deprived of their mother’s milk so that we could make it into cheese.

There's nothing natural or healthful about that.

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